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Fabiosa Media

Fabiosa Media is a Global Media Publisher that creates world-class content, both for editorial and video directions.

Our mission is to empower women to hack the fullness of life at any age. We believe we can make the world better through our work!

What do we do?

We create interesting stories and videos for the global media market, developing online media in 7 different languages. Each month, 100+ million people visit our site.

Who is on our team?

Now we have more than 200 specialists in 22 different countries. The main distinguishing feature of Fabiosa Media specialists is their desire to constantly grow, develop, and learn new things.

What we offer:

● Comfortable working conditions: an office with all the modern conveniences (including free lunch & snacks, game rooms and many other amenities)

● Professional growth: internal trainings and seminars, access to educational materials, paid training and courses outside the company

● Fair compensation that allows employees to focus on project development and their own professional growth

● Health insurance

● Corporate and team-building events, where we celebrate the successes and achievements of our teams and the company

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